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  Rosenberger Micro-Coax Distribution and Cable Assembly Products
Rosenberger Micro-Coax offers the full range of Rosenberger and OSI products to all its UK customers whilst offering the full range of Micro-Coax products to all its UK, European and International customers.
Its a question of strategy
Rosenberger Micro-Coax due to extensive investment in a manufacturing facility offers a range of cost effective options to any customer who has a requirement for Co-axial Cable Assemblies.
  • Procure cable and connectors separately for in-house assembly.
  • Procure cable cut to length.
  • Procure cable cut and end prepared to accept connectors.
  • Procure cable formed to shape and stress relieved.
  • Procure the cable assembly fully tested.
Additionally Rosenberger Micro-Coax offer an extensive range Test Support Products
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