Rosenberger Micro Coax
Exploring New Directions - Leading the Way in Transmission Line Solutions
Rosenberger Micro Coax A full range of pre-stripped or fully terminated Cable Assemblies
  • Semi Rigid Cable Assemblies
  • Corrugated Cable Assemblies
  • Flexible Cable Assemblies
  • High Performance Low Loss and Ultra Low Loss Cable Assemblies (UtiFlex)
Rosenberger Rosenberger, one of the most renowned manufacturers of high-frequency technology products, offers a wide product range for a variety of applications – from RF coaxial connectors, components, accessories to assembled RF cables.
  • RF Coaxial Connectors
  • Test & Measurement Products
  • RF-Automotive Connectors
  • Wireless Terminal Components
  • Cables & Cable Assemblies
  • Fibre Optic Products
  • RF-Cable Connections for Radio Base Stations
  • Custom Machining
Micro Coax Micro-Coax the leader in transmission line technology for over 40years can supply innovative transmission line products for a wide variety of applications
  • Cable Assemblies for all RF applications
  • Wide range of cable types
  • Delay Lines
  • Connectors
Rosenberger OSI Rosenberger OSI® FibreOptics develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of fibre optic components and customer specific solutions for various applications and branch requirements.
  • Fibre Optic Cabling Systems and Components
  • Fibre Optic Connecting Systems
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